Why I Wrote ‘How To Be Thin In A World Of Chocolate’

I wrote How To Be Thin in a World of Chocolate in my late forties – that’s how long it took me to work out how to enjoy a sane, happy, non-abusive relationship with food and exercise and also maintain a weight that felt right for my frame.

For the vast majority of us, the challenge of losing weight is largely psychological. Superficially it’s basic numbers: calories in versus calories out. You eat less than you use and your weight goes down. Simple. It’s not rocket and feta science.

But we all know the real trouble is not on the plate, it’s between the ears. No, not between the corn cobs on your plate; I’m talking about your brain.

People aren’t struggling with losing weight because they lack information. Wait, binge-watching Netflix under a blankie while eating an extra-cheese pizza every night is NOT how you lose weight? Who knew?

Everyone knew

For the most part we know what we should do, but we can’t seem to do it. Even celebrities with the most expensive trainers and personal chefs struggle with their weight. The problem is not what.

The problem is the process.

- Extract from Blog by Michele Connolly.com

Praise For Thin in a World of Chocolate

‘A fun, easy, gorgeous book that has all the right messages – you’ll love reading it! Plus something I truly believe in – small changes you can live with.’ Catherine Saxelby, Dietician, nutritionist and founder of Foodwatch.com.au

‘A great resource full of nutrition, exercise and mindset tips. The combination of realistic lifestyle changes and quirky sense of humour make it an enjoyable and informative book for those wanting to achieve weight loss goals and keep the foods they love.’ Michael Redfern, PT and Exercise Physiologist

‘This is the best anti-diet book ever! It’s funny, quirky and the practical hacks are so clever and easy to remember. This isn’t another fad diet book but rather commonsense advice written in a non-preachy, humorous way. Loved it.’ - Suellen Hughes, busy mum and business owner

‘Michele’s book changed my approach to weight loss! ’ - Kylie Browne, busy mum of two boys